Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
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Why has the privacy policy changed?

We are part of the IAC family of companies, which has grown in recent years to include over 60 brands. In order to help visitors and customers clearly understand our data collection and use practices, IAC has decided to have its businesses follow a standard set of privacy practices and use a standard format to describe their privacy practices. We are making these changes to bring our privacy policy in line with this standard format.

What changes have been made to the privacy policy?

Our underlying practices have not changed. We have simply reorganized and expanded the descriptions of our practices in various places to follow the standardized format that is now used by all IAC businesses.

Who are the businesses in the IAC family of companies?

Our businesses include, Citysearch, Evite,, LendingTree, HSN,,, ServiceMagic, Ticketmaster and many others. For a full list of the IAC businesses, please visit

Do you/will you sell my personal information to third parties?

No, we won't sell your personal information to third parties. As described in our privacy policy, we may share your personal information with other IAC businesses and with selected business partners with which we partner to provide you with special promotions, offers, sweepstakes, contests or other activities, when you elect to participate in those offers or promotions. We may also share personal information in other limited circumstances, including to law enforcement, with your consent or after providing you with the option of not having such information shared.

To whom does the updated privacy policy apply?

This updated privacy policy applies to all of our website visitors in the United States. It generally covers the personal information visitors provide to us on this website. It also applies to information we may collect from you through our customer service representatives (telephone and online), or other means (such as your response to mailing offers or mailed sweepstakes entries).

When do revisions take effect?

The updated privacy policy is effective July 15, 2007. It applies to personal information we collect from this date going forward.

Will this updated policy apply to the information I have already provided to you?

No, the new provisions of this updated privacy policy will not apply to the personal information you have provided before July 15, 2007. If at some time in the future we want to apply these changes to information we collected about you before this date, we will notify you and provide you with the opportunity to choose not to have the changes apply to that previously collected personal information.

What are the benefits of this privacy policy change to me?

We believe these changes make our privacy policy easier for our customers to navigate and understand our business practices and the practices of other businesses within the IAC family. In addition, our ability to share information with other IAC businesses and business partners will provide our customers with information about special offers and services that may be of interest to them.

Can I see a copy of the prior privacy policy?

Yes, please click here for a link to our previous privacy policy that applies to personal information collected before July 15, 2007.